Vegetarian Christmas Menu

Christmas is usually the party that brings more family around the table. The celebrations usually make them with food, and gifts. Christmas is loaded with all.
I have thought a vegetarian menu for Christmas Eve dinner, which also could be made for the Christmas meal.
We begin with a salad where there are variety of raw vegetables. This could be a good start. Lechuga, tomato, carrot, col, aguacate, etc. Imagination and diversity will give a good result.
Some good entrees will mini tartlets with broccoli spinach and goat cheese. They are not big, paladeas goat cheese and set you up for the main course.
For main course we seitan with chestnut sauce. Although chestnuts is a fruit sauce concentrate are not heavy and gives a touch of Christmas.
Desempalagar continue with fruit for a bit and prepare for the sweet. We can choose natural pineapple, by papaya, or handle. We provide digestive enzymes that are going to need to digest food.
Like chocolate is usually the king of the desserts always, here we have decided for rosco de chocolate. Usually successful by the chocolate layer that takes over. It is not very empalogoso to bring little flour. Almond makes fluffier.
This could be a good vegetarian menu Christmas.
As guidance maybe you can serve. HE, because my also happens to me, then the table is always full of food. As if these days our stomach grow. And we're adding things, "if…", if they do not like, if they stay hungry, if you have not gone good, etc.
Although it is always more important “the how”, what “the what”, even more so at Christmas.
It is more important how I live, I am so sorry, if I'm comfortable, if I like the company that what you eat, but if we have a good meal above, the better.
Wish you a pleasant holidays here, with people who you want and harmony .
Everything goes as planned you had .
A hug and Merry Christmas!

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