Calendula oil


Calendula Oil

Undoubtedly one of the best and most popular home remedies. It is simply macerating calendula flowers in olive oil and preferably put it in an airtight glass container in the sun for 40 días. So much for the simple explanation popularly known. But I am among those who think it is better not to expose the maceration in full sun because the resulting product, although it receives more heat action continued strong, excessive heat damage itself more base oil rancidity causing it sooner (the smell of marigold is quite “unpleasant”, why they call it dead flower).

With the above I think it would be better to expose the hermetic boat with the maceration of calendula flowers in olive oil in a warm place where they can receive direct sunlight one or two hours a day only, for example a kitchen window. A popular proportion of oil and calendula flowers said that of “a handful of flowers per liter of oil”. I usually work in these cases guided a bit by what I feel, although measures and dosing schedules are always welcome, and what I usually do both oil hypericum and calendula is to fill the pot or container close to the edge and loosely to subsequently cover it up top oil while ensuring that no flower protrudes oil as this would cause mold to be fresh plant,es.

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