Cichorium intybus L.
parts used: hojas tiernas y raíz
Principios amargos – Actúan estimulando los procesos digestivos, increasing the secretion of gastric juices, liver bile secretion favors ( choleretic action). In the intestine it acts as a mild laxative and helps expel intestinal worms (action worming).
Therefore its main therapeutic indications are: loss of appetite, slow digestion, dyspepsia billiards, liver congestion, constipation, intestinal parasites. It also has a mild diuretic and cleanser.
In their raw salad before flowering leaves whet the appetite, fresh juice of the leaves is an infallible remedy against lack of appetite. Infuse their leaves and roots are taken as an aperitif before meals and as a digestive after them.
The root of toast and crushed dried chicory is used as a coffee substitute.

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