hay fever,Natural solutions

Allergy is an exaggerated response of the defensive system(immune system),against an aggressor agent which called allergen.

Allergens can trigger allergies are very different.

In spring allergies, usually the offending allergen is pollen.

Our body releases a series of chemicals,mainly histamine, como modo de defensa contra esos alergenos a los que considera sustancias no deseadas.

The symptoms that occur due to increased histamine usually very different.

From mild discomfort but very annoying as:

-Skin rash

-Stuffy nose irritation

-sneezing and watery

-Itchy eyes with lacrimation


-Irritation to the palate

Or more serious problems like that can get to endanger life (socio anafiláctico)

Natural remedies to relieve symptoms of hay fever.


no citric flavonoid inhibits histamine release,reduces discomfort respiratory present in spring allergies.


It has a similar effect on cortisol,inhibits the formation of prostaglandins and histamines.

-Pine bark

antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action,Also inhibits production of histamine.


Organic sulfur is considered an antiallergic agent with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying great power histamine.

-Omega fatty acids 3 y 6

They are modulators of the balance of prostaglandins with anti-inflammatory properties.

-Dong quai

Inhibits production of antibodies associated in allergy




Allergies are related to permeable intestines and overburdened liver,hence the importance of removing the milk and flour diet and introduce
Fermented for good intestinal health


When spring approaches it is desirable to eliminate from the diet following:

-Dairy products

-Avoid flours and hydrates,especially those containing gluten and highly refined.

-Highly processed foods in general.

Include in the diet food prebiotics and probiotics as non-dairy :

Water kefir,,es,Water kefir is a fermented beverage probiotic bacteria which are beneficial to health,,es,It has multiple beneficial properties for our body,,es,they can take even people who are lactose intolerant,,es,because no milk used in its preparation,,es,CLASSES kefir,,es,There are two types of kefir,,es,the water and milk,,es,In fact,,es,There is a third option,,es,kefir or kombucha tea,,es,but this guy has different characteristics,,es






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