Freshly harvested vegetables and wilted vegetables and have a very different life force. How can we measure this vitality? The Frenchman André Bovis has developed a frequency scale to measure the vitality. Healthy people have a value of 6500 a 8000 on the scale of Bovis. At lower values ​​the person becomes more vulnerable to disease and decreases your energy level. The renowned Dutch Robert H. Steelooper dice: Food products with a value below 7000 Bovis scale absorb the energy of the body and cause disease. Food above 7500 They provide energy and can be considered good for health. Above 9000, foodstuffs, they even have a cleansing and therapeutic effect.

raw food

Raw foods are fresh food, germinated, cultivated (with healthy bacteria) or dry that they never heated above 40 ° C. Raw foods are rich in enzymes, They have a high Bovis value and abundant vitality chi. So be sure to include more raw foods into your meals: We consume too much cooked food. Heating foods at temperatures above 40 ° C causes inactivation of enzymes, energy loss decreased Bovis value and a loss of nutrients. A mixture of raw and cooked foods ( macrobióticos) , with a greater amount of raw food in the summer and warmer in winter meal, It provides a perfect balance between two worlds.

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