Androgenic Alopecia FEMENINA (MAKE)

Androgenic Alopecia FEMENINA (MAKE)


Androgenic alopecia women to equal that man has a genetic cause for it, he is also called hereditary alopecia

Menopausal women are especially vulnerable to androgenetic alopecia.

At this stage a hormonal change occurs, female hormones decrease in amount, while the male hormones increase.

But unlike to men enzyme is responsible for the fall aromatase while in men causing enzyme is the enzyme 5 alpha reductase .

Aromatase is responsible for transforming the male hormones(androgens) in female (estrogens).

En las mujeres con alopecia androgénica hay una disminución de aromatasa o por lo menos está menos activa que en mujeres sanas. Due,not conversion occurs male hormones female so in consequence increases the concentration of androgens(male hormones).

In hair follicles with a genetic predisposition,male hormones damaging the follicles causing hair fall.

Also in women are usually not affected all hair follicles in a region of hair, but only a part. Por ello, not originate bald, hair rather weakens and becomes visible scalp diffusely.

The balance between male hormones and female hormones is essential for maintaining good health at different stages of life.

What can we do to regulate female sex hormones?

Estrogens play an important role in women,They have positive effects for the perfect functioning of many organs.

Changes in levels affect mood,weight,libido,huesos,heart etc.

But keep in mind that although necessary, excess are harmful because they can cause depression,polycystic ovaries, fibroids,premenstrual syndrome and increases the risk of certain cancers such as breast and uterus.

For women androgenetic alopecia is assumed that estrogen are at a lower level than desired.

Anyway it's advisable to get in the hands of a professional who can determine levels.

Increase the level of estrogen

As we noted earlier,aromatase enzyme is primarily responsible for estrogen which can be manufactured from male hormones.

Through diet we can regulate the production and activity of aromatase.

Most foods suitable for modulating the activity of aromatase are those containing phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens exert similar effects to estrogen in the body, so there are many studies showing that consumption may be beneficial to health, primarily for women in menopause.

Foods that contain phytoestrogens

-Soja(taking soy in moderation and if possible leavened)





-Frutos secos



Through diet we can modulate the production and activity of aromatase. It is the master key to improving health naturally hormone


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