Aluminum is a heavy metal harmful for our body.
Some studies have linked high levels of aluminum in the body with many diseases with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's,Parkinson's disease or memory loss among other.
Aluminum has also been linked to child hyperactivity and behavioral disorders.
this is also relating the use of antiperspirants containing aluminum with breast cancer
There have been very few studies on the relationship between high levels of aluminum with these diseases, both in the case of diseases with neurological disorders,as breast cancer and the few that have been made have paid off very contradictorios.La truth it is that increasingly there are degenerative diseases,one reason may be that every time we live longer,but it is no less true that we are increasingly exposed to dangerous pollutants that are building up in our bodies.

Aluminum is very present in our daily lives, cookware,packaging of many foods and many food molding, as well as some additives such as E173 additive used in preparing many pills or additive 541(sodium aluminum phosphate) used to make the dough rise and as emulsifying salt.

also present,as we mentioned before, in many cosmetics(deodorants,dentifrices),Dental amalgam, prosthesis,cigarettes etc

Yo como muchos otros profesionales considero el aluminio un metal pesado muy peligroso para nuestra salud.

If we suspect that our aluminum levels can be very high,debemos realizarnos algún análisis que determine nuestro nivel de aluminio, such as a reliable analysis of a sample of our hair.


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5-vitamin B6


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