Arginine is a nonessential amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, protein structure is formed by amino acids.
Loa amino acids are classified as essential and nonessential. The key can not be synthesized by the body and must be supplied by diet. Nonessential amino acids can be synthesized by the organism, not for it are not important. La arginine serious since a nonessential amino acid, foods containing arginine naturally are those containing protein. In the animal world dairy, meats, birds, fish and eggs.

In the plant world soybean, nuts, vegetables, cereals, seeds etc.

The main functions of arginine can be summarized as :

Participates in the ureogenesis, regulating the detoxification of ammonia in the urea cycle.

It stimulates the release of anabolic hormones and growth factors.

Involved in the healing process.

It is a precursor of nitric oxide (vasodilatador).

Involved in the synthesis of polyamines ( group of substances in the body with essential functions in the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, besides cell proliferation and differentiation ) from ornithine.

It provides the amino group for synthesis of creatine, fundamentally acting on muscle ATP regeneration.

The potential benefits in supplementation can be found in:

Aid in muscle development, involved in the transport and storage of nitrogen in muscle tissue. Due to the intervention of arginine on the levels of growth hormone can be an important complement to athletes practicing bodybuilding.
Important against the weakening and non-sports muscle exhaustion.

Helps in healing of wounds and burns due to its healing activity. Power collagen synthesis and accelerates time to repair damaged tissues.
Help as an immunomodulator, leukocyte adhesion and decreasing the bactericidal activity of activated macrophages.

Arginine enhances the activity of nitric oxide, neurotransmitter associated with sexual function. El 80 % seminal fluid is formed arginine. Arginine supplements improve sperm count, mobility of sperm and helps in improving male infertility and impotence. Regarding women, arginine seems to improve ovarian response and endometrial receptivity in response to in vitro fertilization.

A arginine is called natural viagra, the similarities between Viagra and arginine are those related to increased activity of nitric oxide, neurotransmitter associated with sexual function, compound that acts in the brain.

Both are involved in sexual function, the arginine It facilitates penile erection and increased genital vasodilation.

In this sense they could see similarities between the two.

However arginine has no effect so immediately, It is part of a working protocol from sexual dysfunction.

Positive is that arginine does not have the side effects that can have the use of viagra.

Arginine helps nitric oxide as a precursor to the correct cardiovascular function. Keeping dilated blood vessels, allowing the heart to receive adequate oxygen.

Important as detoxifier, assisting in the conversion of ammonia into urea to be eliminated from the body.


Do not take arginine supplements in cases of schizophrenia, renal disease, liver or herpes.

You can interact with antihypertensive medications, therefore consult your doctor if you want to supplement with arginine and is taking medication.
You can interact with Viagra due to increase in the diameter of blood vessels it produces.


Amino acid supplements must submit to them in its free form (no need to break the links), thereby providing greater absorption and utilization.
Free arginine is ingested in its pure crystalline form, not experiencing gastric digestion and very little intestinal digestion. They are rapidly absorbed, just 5-10 minutes after being consumed orally.

It is recommended to eat them out of meals or carbohydrate, thus avoiding competition of amino acids by the absorption site.

Sources consulted- Newsletter on natural health courtesy of nª solgar 32 2009.

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