Ashwagandha against stress and anxiety

Ashwagandha is a shrub of the Solanaceae family that grows mainly in India.
Ashwaganda word comes from Sanskrit and literally means “aroma horse”due to the characteristic odor of the plant.
It is a widely used in Ayurvedic medicine plant.

Because of its stimulant properties and invigorating called “Indian Ginseng”.
The parts of the plant are used for therapeutic purposes are the roots and berries.


It is considered an adaptogenic plant that helps fight stress and fatigue and improves mood, therefore it can be used as a general tonic
It increases sexual desire in both men and women.
Tetosterona stimulates production so it can be used to correct male infertility and dysfunction markedly sexual.Mejora sperm structure,improving mobility and semen volume.
Improves the reproductive function of mujeres.La Ashwaganda is an excellent adaptogen that helps fight stress, because it acts reversing the effects of cortisol.
Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands to respond to stress.
A person under a lot of stress usually cortisol levels very high.

Also it acts producing a relaxation effect and increasing the production of dopamine(pleasure hormone)
So the ashwagandha can be helpful in situations of anxiety and depression.
It helps regulate the sleep cycle and improve its quality.

It improves memory and increases acetylcholine neurotransmitter receptors involved in memory circuits..
A ashwagandha it is also related to the treatment of many ailments and diseases through their antioxidant properties.


Then we will expose some of the ailments, Apart from the above indicated, wherein the ashwagandha use may be beneficial.


Attention deficit.
liver problems
High cholesterol
Bipolar disorder
Pending further studies to support all these properties it makes sense to use it as a tonic to combat stress and physical and mental fatigue.



Do not take in pregnancy and lactation.
Children also refrain, People with autoimmune disorders because it could activate the immune system and this could aggravate the symptoms of the disease.
If you are taking medication for diabetes,thyroid or sedatives must be careful because it can interact with them and increase the effect of the same.
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