Good local trade in Xàtiva

Good local trade in Xàtiva


Follow the instructions to get your vouchers:

1- Enter the following link:


2- Fill in all the data you ask for;


Last name



Enter a password to access your account

Accept data protection law.


3- We access our newly created account,our name will appear at the top right.

4- At the top of the screen we click where to put vouchers.
A new window will open.

5- We click on the following anagram.

xàtiva purchase voucher

A new window will open.

6- Let's click where it puts to buy good

A new window will open.

7 – In the area where you put quantity,we will put the number of bonds we want to buy(*maximo 2 good for ID).

8- Punxem processing purchase.

9- Let's pay now.

A new window will open.

10- We put the card details:

Card numbers

Expiration date

Security code

11- We point to pay and we accept.

Once the payment has been made, click on print and either print on paper or save.

And we already have it!

They can be spent at any of these stores:

Associated trades





Herboristeria,,online selling herbal products at the best price.