The pumpkin ,It is a vegetable of the family Cucurbitaceae such as cucumber, zucchini and melon .

Actually there are many varieties of squash,but they all share some characteristics.

Particularly remarkable for its content of beta-carotene and other carotenoids also have antioxidant properties color. These carotenes are transformed into vitamin A.

Rich in carbohydrates as starch.
It contains little protein around 1,2 g per 100g
Very little fat (0,5 g / 100 g)
It has a high water content,around the 90%.
In addition to the betacarotenos,It is also rich in two other antioxidant vitamins,C and E.

It contains lycopene, the same antioxidant pigment tomato, and several B vitamins, (B2 and B6 and folic acid).

Among its minerals include potassium, the match, magnesium, iron and zinc. Apart from low in calories, It is one of the most medicinal foods from our garden.

YOUR SEEDS MUST BE HIGHLIGHTED, Rich in zinc, and magnesium
its seeds(pipas) They contain up 35% oil and an active call cucurbitacina.
This active ingredient, with zinc containing,give antiprostatic.
El CINC It is a very rare mineral in vegetables, why whenever we speak of pumpkin seeds we highlight their presence.
El CINC it is very important to maintain an optimal state our immune system.
In men their regular consumption helps prevent and treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Desinflamándola acts on the prostate and excessive growth slowing.

A Viennese doctor,I note that in Transylvania prostatic hypertrophy was almost desconocido.Esto condition could be due to the high consumption of pumpkin seeds of the inhabitants of the Central European region.
It is advised to consume fresh and dried but also can take cooked, at a rate of 50 g a 100 g per day in two or three doses.

Pumpkin seeds also act as urinary anti-inflammatory.
Its active ingredients act on the urinary bladder,desinflamándola and relaxing it.

Another of its virtues, not less important,are their vermifuge properties.
It is very effective against intestinal parasites especially tapeworms and roundworms(Ascaris)

-save 12 hour fasting(take only liquid)
-despite some 200 g of peeled pumpkin pipes for adults niños.En a 400 g.
-Grind the seeds and add a little honey.
-Eating the resulting paste in three doses during day.If can not take any other food except grated carrot.
-One hour after the third shot,given a mild purgative.(for example magnesium carbonate or fruit salt)
-Observe the feces .If not achieved the purpose repeat the process after 2 o 3 días.

Roasted or boiled,tiene digestive and emollient properties(softeners) so it is highly recommended for digestive problems.

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