Surely we all have or have had any cases of cancer in our family, friends or acquaintances. Some may are no longer physically with us, but somehow ,still alive in our hearts.

Cancer figures are alarming worldwide, and surely we all wonder if we can do something to reduce the risk of contracting it, or if on the contrary we already suffer it, we can help in some way to medical treatments.

If we try to investigate the issue and try to answer these questions,surely far from clearing and put some light, what we do is create us more confusion

The reason is that researchers do not know very well that, certain cells in a given time, They start playing in malignant cells.

that causes ,if any, They are behind cancer.

Feeding,estrés,emotions,pollution,lack of exercise,alcohol,tabaco?

Or simply is a stage in our aging process cell

Surely we will read or hear conflicting reports on the subject, from doctors who do not give their patients dietary recommendations, not to consider who will greatly influence the development of the disease, to news of food containing one or several substances beneficial both to prevent and to retard your progress or even cure, los llamados “miracle foods”

Needless to say in this letter is not intended to have found the philosopher's stone or any medical treatment susutituir,simply serve as a small guide with healthier habits we can all benefit.


.There are many researchers who have dedicated their time to studying the lifestyle of different populations of the world who enjoy longevity out of the ordinary.

Inhabitants of the islands of Okinawa or Icaria,inhabitants of the valley of Vilcabamba in Ecuador,the hounzas of northern Pakistan or the seventh day Adventist church based on Christianity in California whose members are vegetarians.

All these people agree to have a simple way of life,Their meals are not heavy,white flour,sugar and highly processed foods are not part of your diet.

When our food and more food is easy to form part of it,are less distant from its natural state, better for our health.

The secret to a healthy and long life can be eaten in small quantities,a diet very low in calories and contain animal fats and just few sugar.

They are people who often eat very little meat, nail 5 Times a month,something more than fish,and many vegetables, vegetables and fruits.

No comen alimentos procesados y refinados y mantienen unas relaciones sociales y afectivas muy gratificantes y saludables.


-Eat in moderation and maintain an optimal body weight.

.-Substantially lower consumption of sugars, refined flours and starches.

Generally avoid foods with a high starch content and sugar.

Este tipo de alimentos tienen un indice glucémico muy elevado y son los que más estimulan la producción de insulina.

Insulin is a hormone that stimulates production of IGF-1.

Different studies link this hormone with some cancers.

Cancer cells feed on sugar,we must keep in mind that foods containing carbohydrates(patatas,pasta,pan) They are also transformed by the body into sugar

-Remove from highly processed diet foods like margarines,fried food,patisserie etc.

-.Avoid high temperature cooking

-Decrease consumption of meat

.-Eating vegetables in abundance (at the least about 400g a day),especially those containing chlorophyll ,fiber and whole cabbage family,they help to eliminate and neutralize toxins circulating in our body.

.-Increase the supply of omega 3 and decrease omega 6

Omega 6 increase the risk of developing a tumor,while omega 3 They are protective.

Read more about OMEGA 3-6-9

-Limit alcohol consumption

.-Cleanse the body

-Optimize vitamin D

Vitamin D increases the ability to self-destruction of the mutant cells
If you want to know more about what foods would be optimal in our physiology,this link can help you see which would be the feed from another perspective.


-Physical activity
Practice sport regularly and moderately improves our overall health and reduces the risk of certain cancers.
But nope!
Put the sport at the service of health,no health service sport
In recent years we are seeing that the competitive nature of the human being,this becoming healthy sporting activity,in a highly competitive activity, in which we are only thinking about how to improve marks and times.
Physical activity disproportionately can lead to physical exhaustion and stress, resulting in a decrease of our vital energy(enervación)
-emotional program
It is vitally important to discover,understand and address the emotions that disturb our equilibrium.
Repressed emotions contained and negative

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