What is Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle is also known by its botanical name, Silybum marianum, and by its main active ingredient, silymarin.

It is part of the sunflower family, its flowers are purple in color and its leaves feature milky white veins.

thistle properties
Milk thistle seeds are highly recommended for treating liver ailments.

It blooms from June to August and the main part that is used for medicinal purposes are its black seeds.

Many scientific studies support its effectiveness and benefits in the treatment of liver ailments.

What is Milk Thistle for?

Mainly it has the ability to protect our liver, it helps to improve this organ and prevents glutathione from being depleted and can even increase its presence in the liver.

All this is mainly due to the presence in its seeds of silymarin.

Glutathione is a vital compound for the detoxification process.

Keep in mind that the liver performs a lot of important functions in our body.

The liver is in charge of processing different nutrients including fats.

Detoxifies alcohol, drugs and chemical pollutants.

-Benefits of milk thistle

-We protect the liver from toxins, drugs and chemical substances, it can help protect the liver from alcoholics and help in the process of alcohol withdrawal.

-Helps in the treatment of liver disorders such as cirrhosis and hepatitis

-Prevents the appearance of gallstones

-Helps in skin disorders, such as psoriasis, as it reduces inflammation and the proliferation of skin flaking.

-Has antioxidant properties

-Improves bile flow, helps digest fats.

Side effects of milk thistle

It is a plant considered quite safe, it can have laxative effects, but still it should be used with caution

Important note about Milk Thistle!

Milk thistle is not soluble in water so if we use it as an infusion we will not get its benefits.

It is advisable to take it in extract (drops),

capsules or tablets.

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