Cataplasmas,Compresas,Wraps and Promotion

Many times we have heard of the application of poultices,compresses or similar.

But… How are they different from each other?

The wrappers

They consist of the application of damp cloths,hot or cold,wrapping the whole body or part of it.

For this, pieces of cloth are used to wrap,three cloths or fabrics are used.

A first inner cloth normally moistened with cold water, on top a totally dry intermediate, and on top of this a blanket that covers both.

Effects of wrappers:

Al poner en contacto el frío húmedo del primer paño con la piel.esta reacciona con una mayor circulación sanguínea produciendo a su vez calor.

This heat produces a layer of hot steam between the skin and the other two envelopes, exerting a sedative action on the pain.,dilates the pores of the skin and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Due to the dilation of the blood vessels, the blood is shunted from the internal organs to the skin., decongestion.


This technique is practically the same as wraps,but they differ with wraps in that they are only applied to certain parts of the body such as the trunk,chest or back.

They have a local effect.

For its application we will also need three compresses,the first cold that we must renew as it heats up and like the wraps, above the cold an intermediate cloth ,and on this one made of wool.


They are a variant of compresses that are applied at a very high temperature,as high as possible.

For this we will use a cotton or wool cloth or towel that better conserves heat,immerse in boiling water and drain to the maximum.

To avoid burning, we can leave the two ends of the cloth without immersing in the boiling water,to be able to handle it without danger of burning.

Once we have wrung the cloth,we spread it out and wrap it with another dry cloth,We apply on the area to be treated and cover these two cloths with a blanket to better keep the heat.

Renew the promotion every 5 o 6 minutes three to five times.

Once we have finished we rub the skin of the treated area,with cold water or alcohol.

Then stay covered in bed until you stop sweating.


With the application of fomentations we manage to make the blood flow from the inside of the organism to the skin, producing a dilation and irrigation of the skin capillaries,managing to decongest the internal organs.

The toxin-laden blood from these organs is circulated so that the elimination organs can get rid of them..

Promotions should be applied as hot as can be supported,but with great care not to burn the skin,especially in people with weakened and sensitive skin such as diabetics,elderly people etc.

A poultice consists of the direct application on the skin of a product for therapeutic purposes.

In the poultices it is not necessary to use cloths or gauze,but sometimes it is convenient to wrap the poultice in a gauze or cloth so that the product we use does not spread and fall.

Lo ideal es una tela de algodón fina para que no absorba demasiado producto y disminuya los beneficios de la cataplasma.

The list of products used in poultices can be endless.


Clay,hay flowers,curd,fenugreek etc are some examples of products that can be used to make poultices.

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