Making our own home chocrut


-We can use exclusively white cabbage,but also what we can do with red cabbage and all kinds of hard vegetables cauliflower,neighbor,carrot,celery, onion etc.

If we decide to recommend various types of vegetables containing the mixture between the 25 ó 50 percent of white cabbage and red cabbage.

These mixtures of fermented vegetables are called picles.

As containers for fermentation can use a small barrel unvarnished,a container clay is either varnished or simply a glass jar with seal(no thread).

Do not use metal utensils or aluminum.

We recommend to house the glass container to recommend chocrut classic smooth leaf cabbages.

We can use as condiments peppercorns,hojas de laurel,juniper berries etc.


1-Finely chop cabbage

2-We chop some garlic cloves to taste

3-Mix the cabbage and garlic and add them some juniper berries

4-If cabbage is very dry because they were not freshly harvested we can add some cabbage juice.

5-We put in the glass container all the ingredients and with the help of a wooden mallet we press all ingredients,

They should be well pressed.

The glass bottle should be well filled,it takes even close

6-We placed over a cabbage leaf in excess with amplitude edges of the container

7-We close the container and cut sheet remaining al

The purpose is to allow the lactic acid fermentation can leave,otherwise you run the risk that the glass container breaks out

We put a plate underneath the container to collect the lactic acid out.

8-Keep the container in a dark place and not too cold for 5 He or six days

9-After this time and is ready,We separate the broth and cabbage and we can take.

They can be stored in the refrigerator without freezing up 12 días,frozen indefinitely.

For better therapeutic use not use frozen.

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