WHAT IS KETO DIET OR ketogenic diet?

Keto diet is a diet high in healthy fats,approximately about 70%, moderate protein(25%) low carbohydrate(5%).

Keto diet to lose weight

Keto Diet uses fat as the main energy source,producing ketone bodies and creating a metabolic state called ketosis nutritional.

When there is a deficit in the supply of carbohydrate is induced to the body get the power required by the fat catabolism this metabolic state called ketosis.

Keto diet like many other diets is not without controversy ,although there is evidence supporting its effectiveness for certain diseases,We always advise consulting your doctor and not following it for a long time.

Keto diet benefits

1- Reducing the urge to eat. With the keto diet reduces hunger.
This helps us not suffer to achieve healthy weight.

This is because fatty and protein foods produce more satiety and for longer hours.
that rich in carbohydrates (especially if they are simple), since its glycemic index is higher and insulin peaks occur.

The blood glucose values (glycemia)They remain stable,because not only consume carbohydrates.

It should be borne in mind that the glycemic variations are related to appetite.
Moreover ketone bodies stimulating hormones decrease appetite and increase appetite-suppressing hormones .

2- With the keto diet we get a greater loss of fat mass. Our body when it enters a state of ketosis, a mobilization of stored fat is produced in adipose tissue booking.

Improved insulin sensitivity and,
por lo tanto, improving cellular response
3- Reducing inflammation and stress
Ketones, to the produce
Energy, produce less radicals
Free glucose.
Ketosis raises production
antioxidant enzymes.

4- The metabolism of people who do ketogenic diet cycles is more easily adapted to using fats, instead of glucose, as an energy source.
De hecho, even in periods when not follow a keto diet, These people are able to prioritize the use of fats versus glucose.
5- Increases the formation of mitochondria in
cell. If our cells have more mitochondria and fat input is provided to
mitochondria for use as an energy source, mobilization is promoted fat deposition, decreasing fat tissue and, definitely, weight loss.

What foods can we take in the keto diet(keto)?

-rich foods were prioritized healthy fat and carbohydrate poor. These will form the basis of the diet 70%.

It is important to be rich in nutrients,with great nutritional value and satiating, optimal hydration will also be important.
Además, It will be very interesting ensure adequate intake of prebiotics and probiotics (for
minimize the impact of this diet intestine), green leafy vegetables (for its contribution of minerals such as magnesium and potassium) and salt (for its contribution sodium).

Food list
blue Fish, carne, nuts, huevos, high-fat dairy, aceite de oliva,
spices, green vegetables and food supplements sheet (coconut oil, magnesio,
probiotics ...).

– Foods to moderate, all foods rich in fat and protein that have significant amounts of carbohydrates.

Food list:

certain vegetables (carrot, cebolla, beet, puerro),fruits (ciruelas, orange, melocotón, blueberries), nuts (Anchardos, peanuts) y
low-fat dairy (Natural yogurt, whole milk, queso fresco).

– Foods to remove, those who
They are rich in carbohydrates and,
too, the food

Sweets or
soft drinks and / or sugary:
cereals (pan, flour, pasta),
vegetables, tubers (potato,
boniato, Yucca), skimmed milk,
semi-skimmed and sugary, fruits
(plátano, grapes, pera, Apple…) y

Possible unwanted effects of Diet Keto
The body requires some time to properly use the new fuel (the bodies
ketogenic); needs to adapt to not use glucose as an energy molecule.
– In some people it may be common for the first few days notice fatigue or tiredness
general, lack of concentration and mental performance, mareos, having "craving" for
eat sweet foods, they are more irritable, to notice palpitations, inconvenience
gastric, the muscular out of the sorrows of, even, suffering from insomnia and have trouble sleeping.


Everybody can follow a Ketogenic Diet?

No. In some cases it is recommended to follow this type of diet, such as in: women
pregnant or breastfeeding, children or adolescents during growth and diabetics
type I. Hepatobiliary those with problems, history of gout, treated with
hypoglycemic and antihypertensive drugs and people with thyroid problems, if they want to
this diet should do so under the supervision of a health professional.


Ketoacidosis should not be confused with ketosis. Ketoacidosis is a pathological condition, while
Ketosis is a physiological state. In the state of nutritional ketosis ketone bodies it is energy molecules priority for cells and there is no alteration of blood pH, es decir,
the person is not in a state of metabolic acidosis, as in ketoacidosis.
De Paoli et al. Beyond weight loss: a review of the therapeutic uses of very low carbohydrate (ketonic)
diets. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2013; 67:789-796.
The fact that there are plasma ketone bodies, need not be a problem, as
a healthy person is able to use them as a source of energy and, in case of excess, filter and
remove urine; not true in people suffering from diabetes type 1 poorly controlled,
they do have risk of ketoacidosis.



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