Fasting, well done and with caution, es el mejor instrumento que tiene nuestro organismo para recuperar la salud.

Since ancient times, many cultures have used fasting as a means of purification., both spiritually and physically.

We have many references in the Bible as well as in the Arab people, of how his prophets have fasted as a means of connecting with God.

In the animal world it is very common to see animals stop eating when they are sick. They look for some herb to purge and only eat again when their body regains balance and health.

Man is the only animal that keeps eating, in the course of an acute illness, even if I'm not hungry.

We do not know how to listen to our body.

The general belief is that when we fast we can lack essential vitamins and nutrients that can lead to death.

It should be noted that fasting consists of not eating any type of food but we must drink water.

Without water, there is no life


Man, like animals, can be fasting for days and weeks thanks to the reserves they have.

Thin people also have significant reserves, even many times more than many obese people, contrary to what it may seem.

Although we fast, the nutrition of our body does not stop at any time.

With fasting our body begins to eliminate waste, begins a cleaning and regeneration process.

There is a loss of fat, what we call fat is still accumulated toxemia.

They can go from 30 a 40 days before our body feeds on vital tissues and structures for our survival.



Antes de comenzar el ayuno hay que tener en cuenta el estado de la persona que va a realizar el ayuno

Habits of the person, feeding type, medication etc.

Not all people can fast

Heart and kidney disease, people who take medication for years as diabetics, hypoglycemic, removal of an organ, niños ,pregnant women etc.

Always consult a health professional

How long to fast?

It is advisable not to decide in advance how long the fast will last, Well, this will be valued depending on the state of the person. It must be taken into account that during fasting a multitude of toxins and waste accumulated in our body are put into circulation.

These toxins put into circulation can cause us symptoms such as headaches, nausea and dizziness.

If our body is not able to eliminate them as quickly as possible, they can dangerously affect our vitality, endangering our health, so we should leave the fast in a leisurely and safe way following the indications that we expose below.

To help our body eliminate these wastes as quickly as possible and thus avoid these annoying symptoms, we recommend using
Intestinal washes

We, following the recommendations of Arnold Ehret, We recommend short fasts alternated with a cleansing diet.

Realizar ayunos largos de veinte o más días sin una preparación previa es una irresponsabilidad.


How to proceed during a Fast?

What liquid can we drink?

For people without experience the ideal is to drink
Vegetable Broths or Green Juices.

1) Lemonade

Exprimimos 1 whole lemon and add 1L of filtered water, preferably in a glass bottle. Add, only if it is essential, a teaspoon of organic honey.

2) Green Juices without Fruit

Use 1 ó 2 ingredients from the following list:

Green leaves (Lettuce, Espinacas

Apio, Pepino

Zanahorias, Beets

It is not advisable to use Raw Chard leaves due to its high content of oxalates..

Fruit is not added because it is very solvent, nor irritants like ginger, cúrcuma, etc.

Add filtered water to taste

3) Caldos de Verduras

Bring 2L of Water to boil with a little unrefined sea salt and a few bay leaves.

Chop 2 celery branches, 4 Medium carrots and half Cabbage.

Esperar a que el agua esté hirviendo y añadimos los vegetales. cocer a fuego lento durante 1 hour and half. Strain and the resulting liquid can be used as a drink during fasting.

We can keep it in the fridge for several days.

Guardar los vegetales para utilizar como alimento cuando salgamos del Ayuno. They keep for several days in the fridge. También se pueden triturar y congelar para más adelante.

How much liquid should we drink?

You have to drink a moderate amount of liquid, an excess makes the kidneys work a lot.

It is general way between 1 y 2 liters a day could be fine.

Fluid is needed to help the body rid itself of toxins. Cleaning the body needs a liquid medium to dilute and neutralize toxins.

In long fasts, repair tasks require a minimum of essential nutrients for tissue reconstruction, green juices and broths, thanks to its richness in minerals, they are ideal for this task.


Activity and Environment?

We must use our energy in elimination so our activity must be very slow, at most some walk, sunbathe, to meditate, reading etc.

Fasting Support Techniques?

Como hemos dicho antes las Lavativas are essential in fasts of more than 2 días

Las podemos hacer en casa de una manera sencilla utilizando un Irrigador.

How to get out of the fast

During fasting our intestine is used as a garbage can, donde nuestro organismo ha ido acumulando gran parte de la escoria de los órganos y tejidos. Cleaning the intestine properly after a fast is essential. Not doing it properly could be harmful.


To make sure the intestine empties, It is advisable to use a Strong Laxative, about the 7 u 8 in the morning and 2 ó 3 hours later, between the 10 and the 12 in the morning.

Exit the Fast with a High-Fiber Meal, what we call a sweeping meal.

Esta puede consistir en un Primer plato de Ensalada con abundante Lechuga, Zanahoria Rallada y chucrut (sauerkraut) , accompanied by abundant Spinach or Boiled Chard.

If you have been left hungry and only if you had symptoms during the fast, after the salad and boiled spinach, you can add 1 ó 2 slices of whole wheat bread, or wheat and rye, dextrinate. Line everything with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt and lemon.

If you don't evacuate at 2 – 3 hours of the Sweeper Food, use a
Vuelve a hacer una Cena Barredora a las 16-18 identical to that of Lunch



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