Alholva, Fenugreek

Fenugreek, also known as Fenugreek, was already used by the Egyptians in the 15th century BC as a medicinal plant.

Fenugreek stands out for its mucilage and protein content.

Due to its richness in mucilages, it has a mild laxative effect in addition to protecting and reducing inflammation of the digestive mucosa (emollient action).

fenugreek, fenugreek

As for its proteins, they are very easy to assimilate. 27% of the weight of its seeds are proteins.

Rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus and sulfur and vitamins.

For all these reasons, the use of its flour is recommended in inappetent, thin and anemic people and in athletes.

In external use, using a decoction made with its seeds, a paste rich in mucilage is produced, very effective in the treatment of the following ailments.

Hemorrhoids - apply directly on the anus in the form of Cataplasma cold o sitz bath
Skin conditions-in hard to heal wounds, ulcers, cracked nipples, abscesses, pimples and boils.

In case of cellulite it favors drainage

Swollen and painful joints shaped like Cataplasma hot.