Oat grains contain 60% -70% starch and other carbohydrates; 14% protein; 7% lipids (fats), including a significant proportion of lecithin; vitamins of group B; pantothenic acid; enzymes; minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus; various trace elements; and an alkaloid (avenin), with toning and balancing effects on the nervous system.

avena herboristeria

Oatmeal is very convenient in case of depression, nervousness, insomnia and physical or mental exhaustion. Those who suffer from stress or sexual impotence, students —especially during exam times—, athletes and nursing mothers, find oats an ideal food-medicine. Due to its excellent digestibility, it is also suitable for convalescents and those who suffer from gastritis, colitis and other digestive ailments.

Oat extracts are used externally in the form of creams or oils, for the care of dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

Oat flakes, which are prepared by pressing threshed grains, are a very popular whole food in central and northern European countries. Oats also have interesting effects on the nervous system.