-Sodium restriction

Although sodium is necessary for our body, Gerson investigated the effect that sodium has at the cellular level, observing that diseased cells lost most of their potassium and absorbed sodium, causing them to swell and become ill.

-Increase the amount of potassium

This is achieved by taking large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, these foods are rich in potassium and enzymes that help clean our cells and get them to return to their normal size and function.

-Temporary limitation of proteins of animal origin

Gerson propone seguir principalmente una dieta vegetaliana.

-Reduction of calorie intake

Low calorie diets are known to have lower risks of developing many types of diseases and are associated with longer life expectancy.

-Elimination of fats

The only fats allowed are those that come from rolled oats and flaxseed oil and some fatty acids from some fruits and vegetables. Animal fats (cream, butter ...) and oils of all kinds are not allowed. The reason is because of the extra contribution of fats and calories, even though they are of good quality. Flaxseed oil is allowed, as long as it is raw, organic, first cold pressed and used in a moderate way, due to the benefits it provides. the linoleic acid it contains.

-Control of salt and water

- Coffee magnets

Coffee enemas are a basic pillar in Gerson therapy, coffee enemas are used with the aim of helping the liver to cleanse the tissues and blood.The liver is the filter of toxins, every time the blood passes through the a filtering system is put into operation whose main task is to neutralize the toxins that can damage cells.

With coffee enemas facilitate the work of the liver due to the alkaloids that stimulate the flow of bilis.Este effect is not achieved when coffee is taken orally,,es,It should be borne in mind that changing eating toxins embedded in our bodies and fat deposits into the bloodstream for disposal so it is necessary to help the liver in its work,,es,If we do not run the risk of unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting,,es,migraines etc.,,es

It must be taken into account that with the change in diet, the toxins embedded in our organs and fat deposits pass into the bloodstream for elimination, therefore it is necessary to help the liver in its work.

If we do not do it, we run the risk of suffering unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, migraines, etc. due to the large amount of toxins that pass into the blood in such a short time.

The ratio Gerson established between juicing and enemas is 1 enema for every 3 juices.

-Fresh and organic juices

The human body is not designed for the consumption of white paste, pesticides, flavoring chemicals, salt etc, they do not provide us with the vitamins, minerals or enzymes we need.

These substances do not nourish us, they poison us, we must nourish with good and living nutrients and free of poisons, that is basically vegetarian food. But be careful, many are called "vegetarians" for the simple fact of not eating animals but they eat processed foods flours , sugars, pastries, sauces etc, dead foods that produce toxémia SERIOUS ERROR.

Organic fresh juices are a source of nutrients and enzymes, with them we get to take in much more nutrients than if we had to eat fruit and vegetables with their fiber, since our stomach could not tolerate so much fiber and we feel full. It would come soon. If we remove a part of the fiber we will be able to eat more food, more quantity of live food.

For this reason, fresh juices are used in Gerson therapy. They take 12 to 13 juices a day, equivalent to about 9.5 kg of food, impossible if we eat all the fiber.

-Complements and supplements


-Vitamin B3

-Vitamin B12

-Coenzyme Q10