This recipe MISO , Umeboshi and Kuzu plum is a great intestinal regulator, improves stomach problems, purifies our body and prevents us from colds and flu thanks to its alkalizing and cleansing properties.

To make this soup we will need:

-Kuzu (Pueraria lobata) Note: It is important that the Kuzu comes from the Pueraria lobata plant,

There are others on the market also called Kuzu, which come from the root of arrowroot, the latter can be used as thickeners, but they do not have the medicinal properties we are looking for.


There are different varieties of miso, for this recipe we are going to use the mugi miso which is soybean paste with fermented barley.

What miso paste do we use?

It is important to use biological miso and that it is not pasteurized, it is true that since it is not pasteurized, it must be stored in a refrigerator and it must be consumed in less time.

However, its advantages are many, since it keeps all the beneficial microorganisms for our organism alive and active.

-Umeboshi Plums

Like miso, it better be of biological origin.

We can find it in pasta or in whole plum with the bone, both are useful for this recipe, if we choose the one that contains bone, we will remove it to make the broth.

How to prepare Miso, Umeboshi and Kuzu soup?

1-We will put a little water to heat in a saucepan

2-In another container we will put the rest of the water away from the fire. Here we will add the Kuzu and the Umeboshi paste, stir until dissolved.

3-We return to the saucepan that we have on the fire and remove a little water in a glass.

4-We return the saucepan with the remaining water to the fire and turn it off. Once off we add the Kuzu with the Umeboshi that we have previously dissolved with the water and stir.

5-In the other glass where we have separated the water from the saucepan, add the miso and stir.

6-Once the miso is dissolved, we add it to the saucepan where the Kuzu and Umeboshi are, we stir everything well with the fire off and that's it.