Juniperus communis L.
parts used: Frutos called "juniper berries"
Chemical composition.
Essential oil rich in terpenes- Juniper oil increases glomerular filtration in the kidneys and urine output.
CAUTION- In large doses taken continuously force the kidney filtration capacity and can produce nefritis.
Glucose, resin, and organic acids juniprina (bitter glucoside).


Diuretic- Very useful in edema due to heart failure and as a cleanser to remove excess uric acid.
Expectorant and antiseptic bronchial- Because its essence is eliminated largely through the lungs, its berries (enebrinas) They have been used as adjunctive therapy in all types of bronchopulmonary infections
Appetizer, stomach tonic and carminative.
Emenagogo.- Its berries are indicated in cases of rare or painful periods.


Applied essence revulsivo-alcoholic solution calm pain of rheumatism and arthritis.
How to use:
They are choking ripe berries in the form of pills to 6 berries tid.
infusion about 30 gr per liter of water.
Frictions essence diluted alcohol. 20 o 30 drops of oil per 100 alcohol ml.
PRECAUTIONS: It is not recommended during pregnancy and nephritis in very high doses it can produce albuminuria ( issue with urine albumin)

With berries gin is prepared

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