Europe declares weather emergency


El 28 November 2019, the European Parliament has declared a weather emergency.

They have had to spend more than 40 years for some governments to recognize, the green movement born at the end of the last century in our country, he was right.

The destruction of the ozone layer, the devastation of forests,The greenhouse effect, pollution of rivers and seas,They are a reality.

COLLECTIVE associations like MARGARITA in Valencia, DEPANA in Catalonia, AEPDEN in Madrid, ATAN in the Canary Islands etc., and they warned of the seriousness of the matter.

But it turns out they were treated as a”chalados ignorant”.For these ignorant fools were right.

And now that?

It is quite possible, Unfortunately, this statement fall on deaf ears, is a simple postureo and everything remains the same.

We as citizens of the world must demand that urgent measures be implemented.

But not only governments are responsible for this situation, we as individuals must take a serious commitment to caring for our planet.

We need a greater commitment and awareness in our lifestyle. A more active role as a citizen is required.

The future of coming generations is endangered

Taking action!

We need the cooperation of all.

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