Fermented and its benefits

The bacteria in the gut are essential for proper digestion and assimilation of food,as well as
protect us from infections.

They are essential to the good state of our defenses.
In our body we have ten times more bacteria than células.Estas found in our intestines and all of them are what we call intestinal flora or microbiota.
The risk of developing diseases like allergies,viral diseases,diabetes,obesity and even cancer is much more elevated in people with poor intestinal flora and shabby in people with intestines clean and healthy flora.
The intestinal flora is different in each individual and their composition depends on many factors,many of the bacteria that colonize our gut come from our mother.
The type of delivery,if caesarean or vaginal,the type of breastfeeding, taking certain drugs etc.,are factors and determine our flora from birth.
Stress,A bad diet,taking antibiotics,constipation or laxative abuse, are factors that determine the health of our flora in coming years.

Fermented to repopulate the flora

At the same there are foods that harm the balance of our flora,there are others who can help us recover a weakened plant.

Fermented foods like kefir, chocrut (sauerkraut),miso,kombucha give us living microorganisms(probiotics) beneficial for the balance of our flora.

Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are two groups of bacteria used in the preparation of many of these foods fermented.

It is also very important to include in our daily diet certain vegetables such as leeks,artichokes,cebollas,asparagus serve as food for these bacteria(prebiotics) so that they can help colonize and maintain microflora.

GASES, flatulence, meteorism
Water kefir,,es,Water kefir is a fermented beverage probiotic bacteria which are beneficial to health,,es,It has multiple beneficial properties for our body,,es,they can take even people who are lactose intolerant,,es,because no milk used in its preparation,,es,CLASSES kefir,,es,There are two types of kefir,,es,the water and milk,,es,In fact,,es,There is a third option,,es,kefir or kombucha tea,,es,but this guy has different characteristics,,es

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