GASES, flatulence, meteorism

GASES, flatulence, meteorism

The accumulation of gases in the digestive system either in the stomach or intestine is a very common ailment that everyone at some point have occasionally suffered.
The problem comes when it becomes habitual and recurring something día.Estos Day gases when produced in excess and not deleted,can cause abdominal pain(Colic),sometimes intense and acutely and sometimes less intense, milder but persistent that produce a feeling of heaviness.
These disorders are often caused by bad habits,not usually due to other major diseases.

We will list below some of the main causes of this ailment:

-eating fast, It makes more air than normal swallowing.
-Overeating high-fiber foods because these are very digestible.
-Eat foods to which we are intolerant bigots such as lactose or gluten.
.The constipation,to not pass stools these get stuck fermentations producing intestinal gases generating more.
-Consumption of soft drinks.
-Foods such as legumes or some vegetables like the cabbage family.
Although many foods that we eat may have more difficulty than others to be digested is very important to keep our intestines in good condition for diseases such as intestinal malabsorption syndrome,alterations of the intestinal flora,intestinal diverticula or lack of digestive enzymes can cause these food intolerances and problems in the assimilation of certain foods.


-Eating unhurried,chewing food thoroughly.
-Decrease consumption of foods that tend to be more flatulent as legumes and some vegetables from the cabbage family,If some of these vegetables are cooked accompanied by carminative herbs,like fennel,comino,oregano…We can improve your digestion and thus be better tolerated.
One way to better withstand pulses is pureed and passed through a sieve.
-Try not to drink plenty of fluids during meals.
It is preferable not to take fruit at the end of meals as it encourages the development of fermentations.
-Correcting constipation problems, a busy intestine does not favor the absorption and digestion of alimentos.VER CONSTIPATION
-Avoid heavy meals and very grasas.Preparar food in the simplest way possible,avoiding fried,salsas,rebozados etc.
-It is preferable to distribute the quantity of food daily in divided doses for example in a 5 daily doses.
-The circular massage,together with the application of heat in the abdomen,They can help expel the air and relieve pain.
-Do not lie down or lie down immediately after eating because this action facilitates the passage of gases into the intestine from the stomach and swells.
-Replace coffee carminative infusions such as fennel,star anise,anise,farthings etc.
-Do specific exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
-Avoid clothes that press the abdomen.
-Consult your doctor to rule out certain diseases that can cause flatulence and gastric or duodenal ulcer,colon irritable etc.

Some foods and dietary supplements can be of great help to improve these disorders.


-digestive enzymes.
-Probiotics and Prebiotics.
-Fermented foods like kefir, Miso,,en,Tamari,,ja,marina,,en,Goma Wakame,,ja,vinegar,,es,and of,,es,Umeboshi,,ja,All over,,ku,root,,pt,Lotto,,tr,Lamb,,tr,Puzzle,,id, Kombucha.
-Herbs and plants such as boldo, anise, fennel, angelica, melisa.
-activated carbon.

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