Heavy metals AND HEALTH


Heavy metals AND HEALTH

It is likely to be people we like our health care,exercise regularly,usually consume fruits and vegetables, as far as possible from organic farming and also we are not smoking and drink usually only mineral water.


We can then think, we are free of toxic and heavy metals feared.
heavy metals that more studies are showing that may cause, or at least participate to keep in mind, many of the degenerative diseases that plague today's humanity.
Well if we think we got rid, We are totally wrong,We live in an environment, highly contaminated and poisoned, and unfortunately for us and for generations to come, This it seems to go from bad to worse if we do not remedy urgently..

How can we remove heavy metals from the human body?

To remove heavy metals we need a biochemical process occurs called “chelation,” It is not a simple cleansing of toxins.
Heavy metals are inorganic compounds that the body is not able to metabolize and, por tanto, They accumulate in organs and tissues.
In the process of chelation certain substances bind to the molecules of heavy metals to form a new compound itself can eliminate the body through urine.

It is very important that a substance is considered chelator, This must be water soluble, able to penetrate cells, form non-toxic complexes with the binding metal ions and have little affinity for calcium ion (Ca2+),to prevent us from removing calcium from our body instead of heavy metals.

Thus able to be eliminated quickly through urine.

chlorophyll,allicin, compound present in garlic, and certain sulfur amino acids perform this function.

Then we will expose certain supplements more specifically for each pollutant metal.

Thus help to reduce as far as possible adverse effects of these contaminants.






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