Other names: Lupu Line,shell,wolf,oblom,Beer grass,fat asparagus,little man,betiguera,brucolera,flabby pineapple,painted pineapple.
In Valencia and Catalonia:hops, beer wort,espàrgol,asparagus board.
in Eukadi:lupulu.
In Galicia:engatadeira,hop,carrizo.
We can find it in moist forests and hedgerows in Europe and America in many regions Norte.Cultivado.

parts used:
Cones or plant inflorescences of hops and lupulin (gold dust that covers it).

Sedatives and sleep-inducing plant with properties that induces sleep thanks to its rich essence terpene hydrocarbons. also it contains a resin with bitter principles give digestive tonic properties and aperitivas. also contains flavonoids estrogenic action and antiseptic.

How to use:
Infusion of 10 a 20 cones grams per liter of water,repartidos en 2 o 3 tomas.
Externally you can also apply compresses or poultices to soothe stomachaches and some neuralgias.

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