Sauteed rice

Macrobiotic recipe with rice and algae


-1/2 taza de arroz

-4 tazas de agua


-Alga kombu (5 cm approx)

-Cabbage leaves

-1/2 cup cooked chickpeas.

-1 carrot

-1 cebolla

-1 neighbor



-Wash and soaking the kombu seaweed for 10 minutos.

-Wash and cut into strips cabbage leaves, carrot cut into cubes,onion and turnip.

-Drain and cut the diamond-shaped kombu.

-Place the seaweed and cut and drained at the bottom of a casserole, and top with turnip,the onion,the carrot,cabbage ,chickpeas and rice.

-Slowly add water,cover and put them to cook on the fire wall baffle.

-Before serving we season with tamari.

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