blood mercury
Mercury is one of the most widespread pollutants in the world.

We can find it in most in big fish, intensive agriculture pesticides, vaccines and dental amalgams.

La tierra,our food and water contaminated by mercury. Mercury accumulates in our body can damage the brain and nervous system central.También kidney and liver damage among others.

Mercury also prevents the absorption of minerals such as zinc, selenium or iron.

Destroys vitamin B12 causing anemia and chronic fatigue,and hypertension, infections and immune problems.

Mercury is one of the ingredients of many drugs, as a component part filling teeth fillings.

It is also present in many of the pesticides used in agriculture,abuse of these pesticides and indiscriminate dumping into rivers and seas has resulted to be present in food.

They have been detected much higher concentrations of mercury in fish like tuna and salmon.

have also been found in high concentrations organomercury fungicides treated cereal.

Mercury contamination can bring us many different symptoms such as weakness,depresión,dermatitis,dolores,paralysis,Hair loss,arrhythmias etc..

What antidotes can be used to neutralize the undesirable effects of mercury?

There are substances in nature such as chlorophyll and certain sulfur amino acids as allicin, present in the essential oil of garlic which act as chelators.

Se consideran queladores aquellas sustancias que son capaces de unirse a las moléculas inorgánicas de los metales pesados creando compuestos que el cuerpo sí puede eliminar a través de la orina.

There are also some vitamins and minerals that act by inhibiting the negative effects of toxic heavy metals, such as vitamins C, E y del grupo B, flavonoides, Chumrins, carotenos, essential fatty acids and minerals such as zinc, selenio o magnesio.


Studies indicate that selenium is one of the best protectors against mercury,It offers a degree of protection against mercury poisoning.

Agglutinating acts both methylmercury as inorganic mercury.

The dose should be 50 a 100 micrograms of organic selenium per day.




One component containing garlic and with an antitoxic protective function is sulfur,Garlic sulphides capture heavy metals and take them outside the body.


Some studies suggest that high levels of vitamin C in the diet decreased the amount of mercury in the tissues and reduced toxicity.

doses up 3000 mg diarios (Watch out for people prone to kidney stones).


It is well known function of vitamin E as an antioxidant against free radicals.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is part of the mercury detoxification processes.

VITAMINA B1(thiamine)

Mercury inhibits the production of coenzyme of our body., Affecting aerobic oxidation cycle.

Supplementation with vitamin B1 helps us to repair damaged areas of the metabolic cycle.


Alga Chlorella is a green algae that stands out for its high chlorophyll content addition of vitamins and minerals.


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