MSM for joint problems

El MSM es una forma de azufre orgánico que contiene un 34%de azufre elemental.

Sulfur is necessary for the formation of so-called sulfur amino acids such as methionine and cysteine.

Sulfur-containing amino acids are essential for the formation of cartilage.

Sulfur is also an essential component of chondroitin sulfate,a complex molecule that provides elasticity to cartilage and fluffiness.

These qualities are essential for joints act as dampers bones.

MSM also demonstrates its effectiveness as a pain reliever caused by these degenerative joint diseases.

This is because it is able to inhibit impulses informing the central nervous system pain sensation.

MSM is able to reduce the inflammation to increase the effectiveness of cortisol and improve circulación.lo that promotes better tissue regeneration.


Do not take before bedtime because MSM MSM increases body energy we can hinder night's rest.

High doses can cause some stomach discomfort,in these cases a dose reduction or discontinuation.

Do not take pregnant or children under 3 años

Do not take people taking anticoagulants.

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