common name for plants of the genus urtica. two species of known Urtica (Urticaceae), la Urtica dioica L.(Stinging nettle) Urtica urens and L. (less nettle).

parts used: sheet , sumidad or root

Principios activos :

flavonoides,coumarins and other phenols also chlorophylls , carotenoids , lipidosis , Mineral salts, organic acids, mucilage, phytosterols and taninos.Tiene a stinging hairs containing acetylcholine, histamine,serotonin and agglutinin.



remineralizantes , diureticas (removal of chlorides, Uric acid and urea), colagogas (facilitate the expulsion of retained bile in the gallbladder, and almost always accompanied by intestinal purgative action), hemostáticas (stops the flow of blood) and hypoglycemic (It works by lowering blood sugar levels).
The leaves are used for their diuretic properties in genitourinary disorders(cystitis,urethritis,ureteritis,pielonefritis,oliguria,urolitiasis) They are also used for gout, hiperuricemia , diabetes, arterial hypertension, edema by inadequacies in venous return and help in weight control treatments.


antiinflammatory , antiadenomatosas, prostate disorders (inhibition 5 α reductase)
It is used in prostate inflammation and benign prostate adenoma.


Caution in patients with hypertension , heart disease and renal failure , in patients with blood glucose control should be by your physician and adjust the dose of insulin or oral antidiabetic.


In organic farming it is well known the purin of nettles for pest control.
parts used: sheet , sumidad or root

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