Bone is a specialized set of tissue cells.

These cells are osteocytes, osteoblastos y osteoclastos,all form bone tissue.

The cells that form bone are osteoblasts(manufactures the intercellular substance),the mature osteocyte is a cell surrounded intercellular substance and the osteoclast is responsible phagocytose and destroy excess bone manufactured.

The intercellular substance is what is called bone matrix.

What vitamins and minerals they are essential for bone?

Some of the vitamins and minerals essential for bone are: Calcio, magnesio, Vitamin K2, copper,zinc,boro,manganese and vitamin D.

CALCIO– Calcium is stored in a 99% in bone,the rest is in musculo,other soft tissues and plasma.

MAGNESIO-Magnesium is essential for their part in muscle performance,nervous tissue and bone formation,Besides being part of many coenzymes.

Half of the magnesium in our body is combined with calcium and phosphorus in the hueso.El rest is divided into red blood cells,muscles and other soft tissue.

It is therefore recommended to take calcium with magnesium in proportional amounts and always take them,If we decide suplementarnos, en formas orgánicas, as citrates,malate or bisglicinatos to achieve optimal absorption of these minerals.

-K-Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin which can be produced in bacteria known as vitamin intestinales.Es coagulation for its involvement as a coenzyme in the synthesis of several of the coagulation factors in the liver.

There are three proteins in the bone vitamin K dependent ,one of them is osteocalcin,main bone protein, fixing calcium molecules within the matrix.

Inadequate levels of vitamin K can alter bone mineralization and affecting levels of osteocalcin.

Vitamin K is important in calcification, affects the bone mineral density and calcium excretion.

We are taking supplements of vitamin K,the most effective way is as K2(menakinona-7) very similar to that produced by intestinal bacteria,in any case take vitamin K3 form or meniadona(condensed form)

One of the richest sources of natural vitamin K is natto.

-Vitamin D-Vitamin D is an essential vitamin to absorb calcium and phosphorus.

Necessary for growth,development and maintenance of bones and teeth.

A lack of vitamin D leads to defective utilization of calcium by the bones

-Copper Copper is necessary for the synthesis of certain enzymes necessary in collagen formation and bone metabolism.

-Manganese-Manganese prevents bone destruction.

-Boro- It influences the metabolism of calcium and magnesium through the parathyroids.

Boron may influence hormone production(including the active form of vitamin D)

-Zinc Zinc promotes proper mineral density,imprescindible en el desarrollo y crecimiento óseo.

calcimar con,vitamin D and,vitamin K2


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