published 23 one. 2013
Nutrition, diet and physical activity are the keys to know how we age and how we live our longevity. The program NETWORKS this week delves into the scientific explanations of how good nutrition, a balanced diet and a relatively intense physical activity are the foundation for better living and have a healthy body..

Eduard Punset interview this week Irwing H. Rosemberg author of one of the classic books to keep fit “biomarkers. The 10 Keys to prolong life” and professor of nutrition at Tufts University, in Boston who claims that” we are what we eat” and that the best is a balanced diet for many years to maintain a good level of flexibility . Irwing analyzes the nutrients found in nature and, in relation to vitamins, He says it is very important to take vitamins and minerals through a varied diet and quality multivitamins “since we can not transform a poor diet in good by taking a pill”.

Rosemberg works show the importance of diet to maintain a healthy body. This scientific analyzes why the intake of saturated fat stiffens the body and, Conversely, Unsaturated fats, such as olive oil and “Omega 3” They give great flexibility to our cells. While many claim that age is the cause of the loss of muscle mass, for Rosemberg relatively constant and intense physical activity is one of the key elements that prevent muscle loss.

On the set involved José Mataix, Director of the Institute of Nutrition at the University of Granada and Cecilia Liñan, endocrinologist at Dexeus Institute.

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