<<You want to make God smile?

Tell him your plans>>

Hindu proverb

<< You do not want to rid their humped camel,

because you could free him from being a camel>>

Arab proverb

<<The art of medicine

It is to entertain the patient

while nature cures the disease>>


<<The secret of happiness

it is not always do what you want,

but always want what you do>>

Leo Tolstoy

<<The words come from the lips

They reach the ears.

The words that come from the heart

They reach the heart>>

Hazrat Inayat Khan

<<I have learned silence from the charlatans,

tolerance intolerant

and the goodness of the wicked.

Sin embargo,It's strange to show me ingrate

with these great teachers>>

Kahlil Gibran

<< Life is like a mirror: smile at you and smile.

Put a face and find it sinister>>


<< A pilgrim finds three men working

in a quarry and asked what do:

-I earn my daily wage—answers the first.

-Labro stone —-responds the second.

-built cathedrals—says the third.>>

anonymous Castilian

<<If you serve Nature,

she will serve thee>>


<<Everything that is not eaten

It is good for health>>

Guido Ceronetti

<<The answer is in your heart

before the question is on your lips>>

Jack Lawson

<<And Bee

collects flower essence

and walks away without destroying

essence or perfume,

so the pilgrim wise in>>


<<The root is a flower that despises fame>>

Khalil Gibran

<<Every time we know more

and understand less.>>

Albert Einstein

<<I am part of the sun,as my eyes are part of me.

My feet know perfectly well that I am part of the earth,

and my blood is part of the mar.No is no part of

me there on your own,except,maybe,my mind;

but my mind is actually nothing more than a flash of the

sun on the surface of the water. >>

D.H. Lawrence

<<There is always some fragrance

in the hand that gives roses >>

Chinese proverb

<<Love is the only thing

that grows when it is shared >>

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

<<Watch your thoughts,porque

they become your words.

Use your words carefully,because they will become your acts.

Watch your actions,because they become your habits.

Watch your habits,because they will become your destiny >>

Mahatma Gandhi

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