Lead is part regularly in our daily lives.

We can find it in your organic or inorganic form.

Lead in its inorganic form can be found in large quantities in many paintings,varnishes, glass,foods,agua, and many other industry products.

Many cosmetics also contain lead.

Its organic shape(Lead tetra acetate) We can be found in many leaded petrol.

The organic shape our body more easily absorbs so much more dangerous.

Lead is one of the most toxic pollutants that can be found, It can be lethal even in small amounts.

Lead contamination can cause anemia,renal dysfunction,hipertensión,senelidad,hyperactivity and mental retardation in children.
Also it produces alterations in the reproductive system,fertility problems.
It is very dangerous for pregnant women because their children may suffer growth retardation, mental problems and nervous disorders.
In very small doses can cause symptoms such as flu,It diminishes our ability to concentrate and memory loss

What can we do to protect ourselves?

First avoid possible exposure to this contaminant.
No Smoking,avoid foods grown near the road,use lead-free paints,avoid contamination of large cities,use bio cosmetics, are some of the preventive measures we can take.
Limiting fat intake,because fats absorb like a sponge lead.

Antidotes to favor their elimination or counter its harmful effects.

Calcium helps us safely remove this mineral
2-C vitamin
Vitamin C helps neutralize the toxic effects of lead
3-vitamin B1(thiamine)
high doses of this vitamin reduce symptoms of lead poisoning.
4-vitamina B3
5-vitamin B6 and B12
6-vitamina E
7-Vitamin A
10-beer yeast

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