Propolis is produced by bees from resins outbreak and other parts of the plant tissue mixing their salivary enzymes, cera, pollen and inorganic materials. In general, propolis consists of 55% of resins and balsams, 30% waxy, 10% volatiles and 5% pollen and other inorganic compounds. From this mixture, It is rich in amino acids substance, vitamins and bioflavonoids with powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial action / antibiotic.

For about 2000 años, Several people realized the benefits of propolis, channeling them in the direction of improving their own health. Recently, deeper and credible studies, They are confirming these benefits

Propolis Benefits

Anti-bacterial action, antifungal and anti-viral. Several works made with propolis confirm their powerful anti-bacterial action, being why this is designated by natural antibiotic, coming himself to be baptized by Russian investigators as penicillin.
The great advantage of propolis in relation to common antibiotics, is that this, contrary to such antibiotics, It acts only destroying harmful bacteria, preserving the beneficial, such as bacteria of intestinal flora. Por otro lado, published work, They indicate that the bacteria do not create resistance propolis, as occurs with synthetic antibiotics, preventing these become even more harmful, dangerous and antibiotic resistant.
It is much effective in combat, bacteria such as salmonella and helicobacter pylori among other. Their action also extends to fungi such as candida albicans and viruses such as herpes and flu; from there, its increased use in colder times as a preventive means of the onset of flu, constipation, pneumonias, colds and respiratory symptoms.
Function immunostimulant: Several studies reveal their relationship to the strengthening of the defense system of our body; the immune system. And in addition to its anti-microbial, the fact stimulate immune cells, propolis becomes a potent anti-infectious agent.
Propolis has an antioxidant action, preserving action of vitamin C.
Because of their ability healing and tissue regeneration, propolis shown effective in the treatment of dermatitis, heridas, Varicose ulcers and burns.
Its function oral anesthetic level, propolis make an excellent supplement to combat the dental conditions, amigdalitis, sore throats, toothaches, entre otras.
In addition to this varied range of actions, propolis is also used as an adjunct in the treatment of gastric ulcers, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections and swellings.

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