You want to teach you to prepare Quinoa? In Cooking with Loren show you how to cook Quinoa Real in its basic recipe. Perfect for a first course!


We will take as much a cup of coffee:

  • 1 As oil
  • 3 measures quinoa
  • 6 measures vegetable broth
  • 1 onion cut into small pieces
  • Sal


The measurement size can vary depending on the number of guests, but it keeps the same ratio.

We put a big fire pan and add the oil, onion and salt. When you are beginning to gild Quinoa is added and everything is removed along a 5 minutos. Add the vegetable broth and when it starts to boil will regulate the fire to boil not evaporate much and too fast, but also little and stay doughy. Usually it takes about 20 minutes to evaporate the whole broth, it must be dry. Quinoa we see that stays loose but cooked.


Está tan buena cuando la haces como al día siguiente. You can save the surplus in a bowl with a lid in the refrigerator, because then you can take advantage of making other dishes, for example https://esenciasxativa.es/ensalada-con-quinoa/

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