St. John's wort oil

St. John's wort oil is prepared with the flower of a plant which is known under several names like hypericum, St. John's wort or military grass. This is a very popular and easy choice to make. It used to treat wounds, bumps and other skin conditions. It has antiviral properties and is very useful for herpes and chicken pox, and antiinflammatory, antiseptic and also stimulates blood circulation and haemorrhoids.


Collect the flowering tops of Hypericum (must take into account not pick flowers treated with herbicides). Once cleaned of dust are cut and placed in a glass jar, They covered with virgin olive oil and leave to marinate for 40 sun days. Stir the mixture with a stick every day. Once past the 40 days strain using a fine gauze. The resulting oil is of a reddish color. Save in an opaque pot.


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