Psoriasis is considered a chronic and inflammatory skin disease.

It is usually characterized by redness of the skin and flaking with lesions.

In people with psoriasis ,a cell turnover occurs in your skin every four days,while in the rest this cellular change occurs in a month.

This disorder in cell turnover,is due to abnormal activation of T lymphocytes, that cause an abnormal and excessive cell proliferation causing an accumulation of reddened plaques(thick skin) covered with whitish scales.

At the moment the cause or causes of this ailment are unknown, but from sectors related to the natural world, certain factors are pointed out that may as a whole be the cause of this anomaly..

-Stress,altered nervous system and emotional problems can be related to many of these skin problems.

The intestines can also be the cause of these disorders.

Waterproof bowel

One of the functions of our intestine is to act as a selective barrier, allowing the absorption of certain necessary substances that come from the digestion of food,and preventing the passage of compounds and harmful substances, as germs and toxins.

When the mucosa of our intestines becomes inflamed, what we call intestinal porosity or leaky intestine occurs, leaving the door open to all kinds of toxins,being the cause of many autoimmune diseases.

Diet and measures should be aimed at regenerating and restoring intestinal function,as well as providing certain nutrients and vitamins such as beta carotene and vitamin C

For people with psoriasis them can be helpful to follow a diet rich in fruits nonpoisonous and vegetables and low in protein (especially of animal origin).
It will be helpful to take buttermilk three times a day and sauerkraut lactic acid as well as dandelion cleansing teas., sarsaparilla and relaxing herbal teas..
Sauerkraut juice compresses on the affected area is also extremely favorable.

To improve dryness and nourish the skin we can prepare the following formula:

-Calendula hydrolate

-Black cumin vegetable oil

-Wheat germ vegetable oil

-Rosehip vegetable oil

Mix all the ingredients and add a few drops of the following chemiotyped essential oils:


-German chamomile



Yoga practice,meditation and breathing exercises can help balance the nervous system.

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