the sabal (serenoa repens) the sabal serrulata, as it is known,It is a small palm that grows wild in several countries.

The best known is the American wild palm (saw palmetto),as it was commonly consumed by the natives of North America.

Native Americans used it to treat disorders of the urinary tract.

Hoy en día,Several studies have confirmed to be very useful in relieving symptoms of hypertrophy prostate.

When there benign prostate growth(noncancerous) or HBP (benign hyperplasia prostate) this small palm reduces inflammation and tissue swelling prostatic.

It is studying its possible role as a preventive prostate cancer, because it affects the levels of hormones that promote cancer.

Keep in mind that the enzyme inhibitor 5-alpha reductase reduce the risk of cancer prostate..


Sabal also being used to treat androgenetic alopecia for being an inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase.

The enzyme 5-alpha-reductase is the main cause of androgenic alopecia. Whereby the annular action of this enzyme, It is the best way to combat this type of alopecia.

You will also recognize bactericidal properties.

Increasing the immune system's ability to kill bacteria.

Side effects are very rare in doses of 300 a 400mg daily.


Not exceed these doses


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