Restless leg syndrome usually suffer some people at the time of rest frequently interfere with sueño.Esta condition is characterized by an urgent need to move your legs when resting or dormir.Esto makes people concerned can not reconcile sleep as they often get nervous,,es,Some studies suggest that the disorder may be related to iron deficiency,,es,with or without anemia,,es.
Algunos estudios sugieren que este trastorno puede estar relacionado con una deficiencia de hierro (con o sin anemia).
It was found that ferritin levels were lower and iron concentrations in the brain were insufficient in people with this condition,,es,Health-minerals and mineral guide Mikel Iturrioz Garcia Solgar Spain,,es,RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME,,es.

Sources consulted: Minerales y Salud-la guía de los minerales Mikel Garcia Iturrioz Solgar España.

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