Ointment beeswax to COLD

This ointment is a fabulous remedy for cold winter months.


-250vegetable accepted ml

-60g Beeswax

-Eucalyptus essential oil.

-Rosemary Essential Oil

-Lavender essential oil


Simmer vegetable oil with beeswax, check that the mixture is not too liquid, nor too thick to thereby remove from heat with a tablespoon a portion of the mixture and check its texture, if necessary add more oil or wax according to need thicken or thin the mixture.

Having achieved the desired texture essential oils added dropwise into containers and let cool glass.

This preparation is applied on chest and back when we are cold,essential oils are absorbed through the skin and inhalation of the vapors deprenden essences.

If once the mixture has cooled we see that the smell is not very intense can add a few drops of essential oils.

DO NOT use in very young children

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